About us

The idea behind the STARdance film festival was to create an event where kids could share their films with other schools. The event is styled like the oscars, giving kids who eventually want to make this their way into the film industry a glimpse into the landscape. STARdance was first brought to life in 2008 by the students of Star Prep Academy and was originally made to screen the students’ films for each other and their families. In 2015 it morphed into a more open, creative ground allowing students from other schools to submit their projects and it was renamed the STARdance Youth Short Film Festival. In 2016 the event went international and received over 300 films from around the world.

The event started out as a small, supportive, and close-knit evening and has kept those humble roots as it has grown in size. Although submissions are global, the participants of the festival become their own little community, sometimes without ever having to meet each other. The evening is a chance to network and build relationships for the future. The event features a keynote speaker who is involved in the industry in some way.

Overall the event is truly a space for creative minds to buzz and connect in a beautiful screening space.